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What Is The Nature Of Your Emergency?

The mission of “Sacred Music A Jazz Prayer” is to be transformative while remaining truthful to its role. It is not a concert or performance. When legendary jazz masters played an awesome lead it was said that they “testified” or “told the truth”. This recording documents artists with whom I am blessed to collaborate, telling our truth in the moment. We are musically praying.

Can I get an AMEN?

Track #6 – Holy, Holy, Holy


Kevin Kirk – “Jazz Mass” (2022)

  1. Gather Us In
  2. Lord, Have Mercy
  3. Gloria
  4. Alleluia
  5. You’re My Best Friend
  6. Holy, Holy, Holy
  7. Amen
  8. The Lord’s Prayer
  9. Lamb Of God
  10. Wake Up!
  11. Power Of The Dove

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