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What Is The Nature Of Your Emergency?

Kevin Kirk & Onomatopoeia is a daring ensemble that explores the musical frontiers where Jazz, Classical, Rock, Bluegrass, Celtic and Brazilian sounds converge. Led by Kevin Kirk on keyboards, these seven accomplished artists perform original songs that are exuberant, high energy, direct and hope-filled for an ever anxious and chaotic world.

An excerpt from “A Conversation with Members of Onomatopoeia”

Kirk remembered two spectacular concerts. Once during an outdoor show while performing Martha’s Smile, a swirling wind came out of nowhere and took the sheet music off his stand and up into the air.  “It kept climbing, falling a little bit, and then being swept back up even higher until it was becoming hard to see.”  The band noticed two ospreys, soaring above the nearby river.  Kirk marveled, “One of them dove down to check out the music.”  In the other instance, the band was playing an outdoor summer jazz concert.  During the song Hang Glide, Kirk took a solo. “I had my eyes tightly closed. I heard cheers from the crowd.”  He felt the enthusiasm reaching an apex and heard his band mates shouting.  He opened his eyes to find the audience facing away from the stage, pointing up to the sky. By unbelievable coincidence, two hang gliders came over the top of the mountain and soared over the concert!


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