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What Is The Nature Of Your Emergency?

Boise musician Kevin Kirk spent 25 years working on a jazz Mass. It’s time for the premier performance.

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Article By The Idaho Statesman He’s volunteered his time and talent to play piano at nursing homes and cancer care centers. He makes his living playing in restaurants and bars, on stage and in recording studios. Kevin Kirk is an accomplished Boise jazz musician, perhaps best known as founder, composer

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A quarter century in the making

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Kevin Kirk, a well know Boise pianist, recording artist and composer has been creating music for 48 years. An on each of his solo albums or those created with his Band, Onomatopoeia, at least one song was composed for eventual use as part of his most passionate project: a Jazz Mass. After 25 years, this Jazz Mass is now complete. He is calling it, “Sacred Music – A Jazz Prayer.”

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New Album Release & Concert

Kevin Kirk & Onomatopoeia are proud to announce the release of their new album, “What Is The Nature Of Your Emergency?” Join in the Album Release Celebration Concert on Friday, June 5th, at The Sapphire Room. Admission includes a free copy of the new CD.

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